This easter is ironic

While he rises I’ve never been so down

On April 7th, a major bug known as “Heartbleed” was announced.Heartbleed is a very serious flaw that was accidentally built in to a piece of cryptography software called “OpenSSL” which powers the encryption security behind a vast number of websites. Because this flaw has existed for a while before it was discovered, it is possible that your communications with and data stored on various online services have been compromised.  It is critical that you change your password on these sites.
The following sites (and many more) have been affected:
Twitter (may have been affected)
Apple (may have been affected)
Google was affected, but has specifically stated that users do not need to change their passwords.
eBay (may have been affected)
Bank of America (may have been affected)
Netflix (may have been compromised)
Bare with me here…

I will never commit suicide, and neither should you. If you don’t understand why you shouldn’t commit suicide right now because the pain is too much to handle and it’d be easier to rest or some shit like that, remember that the dead don’t get to drink alcohol(unless you’re into that), or have sex(unless you’re into that), or smoke massive blunts(you get the point).

That being said, check out this awesome website.

I’m weird and awful sure, but what I love to do is create. Before creating, research comes hand in hand with inspiration, and finding inspiration is absolutely fascinating and lovely.

Even if it comes from something as morbid as a website that teaches you the most efficient way to blast your face off with a shotgun.

For those aiming at the head, the most popular site is the right temple (the left temple presumably being for left handers), second comes the mouth, followed by the forehead.

Stone mentions that a bullet that that damages the spinal column where it meets the base of the skull (base of the head at the back) tends to be quickly fatal, and this is most likely achieved by aiming slightly down through the mouth, or else simply pointing the gun at the rear base of the head. He speculates that aiming here, with a high energy bullet/shell is the most reliably fatal combination. However, using a shotgun to the temples or through the mouth is likely to be even more effective, using one hand to hold the shotgun in place and the other to pull the trigger.

Wish I had time to learn the things I actually need


Monopoly just got real.

Love S&W’s grip